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Female Handle Assembly Kit

by Grotnes

Replacement Female Handle Assembly Kit

If replacing handles for tools manufactured prior to Aug. 2020, it is recommended that you also order a Male Handle Assembly Kit (#CTK0008).  Handles made after Aug. 2020 are of a different design and need to be matched.

Kit Includes:

QTY (1) Det: 15, Upper Link #CTDM015S9999F

QTY (1) Det: 18, Grip Pin Kit #CTK0005

QTY (1) Det: 19, Wood Grip, #CTDM019W9999F

QTY (1) Det: 20, Female Handle #CTDM020AF

QTY (1) Det: 21, Female Handle Link Pin #SP3_8X1

QTY (1) Det: 22, Center Post Bolt Kit, #CTK0007

QTY (1) Det: 23, Spider Pin #SP3_8X1-1_2